At Rosedale Christian Schools, we strive to develop the whole person as we encourage each student to explore his or her  interests. In addition to academics, sports, and spiritual development there more than twenty clubs and extracurricular activities which students can be involve in and which play an important role in the experience of each student.

Teamwork, responsibility and leadership define RCS' rich array of clubs, electives and extracurricular activities. More than twenty teams, clubs, electives and activities that are opened to all students. Because of the small size of RCS and RGAP, every student has the opportunity to lead and succeed.


Students who wish to participate in any extracurricular activities must demonstrate outstanding behavior and also academic work. Etracurricular activities are not rights but privileges therefore we ask all students to at their best behavior at all times and excel academically. Clubs and electives are rolled out in October of each school year.

RCS student will find a very active and enthusiastic student body with many clubs, organizations, and athletic activities available at the school.  There should be an area of interest for almost any taste.


The performing opportunities include membership in Young Investors club, visual arts, voice and speech choir, music, Praise Dance, drama presentation, Student Government and Leadership programs, photography and aquatics program just to name some of the activities here. In addition, instructional plays writing, development and performances, community service and other social activities. There are than twenty clubs and extracurricular activities. There is something for everyone to be involved.

Academic Eligibility for Students
While extracurricular activities and electives are free, there are students' responsibilities involved. The activities set forth are not rights but privileges. 


Any student who receives three or more failing grades or three grades of an "F" on his assessment report (report card or progress report) must attend mandatory tutoring, as well as, immediate assistance from guidance counselors. If the student fails to attend or misses more than two sessions in a designated period, that student will be ineligible to compete on any school team or extracurricular (clubs, trips, dances, etc.) until substantial improvement (two or less failing grades or "F's") has been made on the subsequent assessment report.

If the same student fails three or more classes or receives three or more grades of "F" on the subsequent assessment report, that student will be ineligible to compete on any school team or participate in any extracurricular until substantial improvement (two or less failing grades or "F's") has been made on the subsequent report.



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