Our History

The 'Untold' HisTORY STORY

Founded in 1996 by one single Christian lady with a passion and need to realize the full potential of young lives.


The one school started in Queens, N.Y., opened with one child and teacher in a basement setting in Rosedale, Jamaica New York.  Six months later, words caught on and several more students joined the program. This Visionary-World Changer introduced swimming and music to the program and insisted that more emphasis be placed on academics.


Within the year, the school outgrew its basement space and soon moved to a rented space at 140th Road in Rosedale and expanded academic, added Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, and 3. At this time, she also introduced and participated in the NYS standardized testing. That year, a ninety percent passing rate with high 4s, the highest passing scores on the NYS standardized tests. With limited space again at this location, the school was forced to look around again for a bigger space. The school saw growth of more than 80% and had to look around for another rented space quickly. One was found at 243rd Street and Merrick in Rosedale, NY.


With greater demand, the school again expanded and within that same year acquired a bigger building at 247-11 Francis Lewis Blvd., where the school is currently housed. All programs Preschool-Junior Schools are now fully realized. Since that time, the school has partner with the NYS Board of Education and now chartered by the Board of Regents.


The schools participate in two standardized tests yearly and still realizing great growth and academic strides in both standardized tests. Most of our 12 year olds have entered top recognized high schools and those entering Ivy League colleges and universities with full scholarship have returned to form the Alumni Association.

Today, the schools are fully culturally diverse Christian schools where young men and women develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning and a commitment to truth and integrity, most of all our students love God.  With a talented faculty and rigorous curriculum, students are challenged every day, in every class to meet their full academic potential. We realize a 100% graduation rate yearly and quarterly feedbacks from schools such as Christ the King and other schools who informed us that our past students are recognized Honor roll students every semester for the entire school year.


An impressive achievement in academics, students are involved in various electives and sports. Yearly our students vie for the prestigious cup in Tracks and Field sports. The schools are fully technology equipped, library, music room and computer room.

Today this great journey continues but not without God who makes this all happens. Our students are God-centered, they voluntarily bow their knees each morning for prayer, they read the Bible daily and are careful to honor the matters pertaining to righteousness.


Religious Education period is one of the best time for the entire student body. Students look forward to this time and then there are so many questions pertaining to the Bible and better knowledge of God.


We continue to build and expand the Kingdom of God.


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For All Nation And People ...

Change this world for god


Summer Camp - 2-15 Yrs Old


Kindergarten - Junior High

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