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Welcome to the newly expanded website for Rosedale Gifted Academy - Preschool (RGAP), Rosedale Christian School - Kindergarten (RCS) and Rosedale Christian Academy - Middle School (RCA), hereinafter referred to as the Rosedale Christian Schools, serving students from Preschool to Middle School. We hope you find this site to be truly informative as you explore the many wonderful opportunities available to your children within our organization.


Here at the Rosedale Christian Schools, we are dedicated to serving students with diverse backgrounds and abilities, building on each student’s individual talents and interests to inspire enduring confidence for success in high school, college and over their lifespan. We are a co-ed school accepting students three years and older. You will appreciate the true uniqueness of our school programs, our close-knit school community and our diverse culture that await all students.


At the core of our philosophy is the belief that students are in control of their education and their lives. Hence, we are committed to helping them seize every opportunity to map and pursue their aspirations. Every child is empowered to embrace tough challenges in an environment that makes it safe enough to fail at times, but also equips him/her to succeed. Immediate success is always rewarding, but oftentimes students experience the most growth from confronting an academic, or life problem, and persisting until that problem is resolved. We strongly uphold that students do not have to remain adversely affected by tough situations; instead, we help them use the skills they have learned to get back on track. With that approach, students become more and more contributory to their education and lives.


For almost 20 years, our schools have helped young lives to not only experience a high level of classroom learning, but also to gain perspective from adult role models with strong values, and great communication skills who cooperatively work with others to a common end. It is is our hope that these hallmark features will continue to underpin the character of an RCS graduate over their lifetime.


Those of us who labor daily in the educational vineyards think constantly about what sort of world our graduates will enter. As I ponder over issues that face our young people, I continously seek for the best ways to educate your children to not only cope, but to be productive and happy world citizens. This is the passion and desire that drove us to start our lower division almost 20 years ago. We have worked passionately to see our students rise to become the best they can be and our effort continues even up to this day. I want to give more, I want to do more and I can do more for our young generation so that they can be their best as they take their places in the world.


It is imperative that we as parents and educators give our students and children a strong values based education, an ability to make wise and considered decisions, the information and skills to communicate those decisions, and the understanding and ability to work in a collaborative way with others. RCS does just that!


With a great sense of pride we emphasize that our past students have moved on to top high-schools nationally, and also are excelling academically, regional and nationally. This is a confirmation of our tireless work in education, and our fantastic faculty and programs that drive high academic achievement and great success.


Our students and parents enjoy the marvelous cultural benefits of our diversified school community. These outstanding traits are engraved deeply in the community of our schools life as our students develop into incredible young leaders of character and thought. Yet it is most thrilling to know that these schools exist solely because of, and for, the glory of our God. Above all, RCS and RCA and our preschool program, are communities of faith and prayer.


It is our mission first and foremost to ensure that every student who engages at our schools, will come to a deeper knowledge of God, and is prepared for a life of service in Him. I am confident that the students that graduate from RCS, RCA and our preschool, (RGAP), will experience great opportunities because they have been well-prepared for the challenges that they may face in high schools and colleges.


This website shows only a fraction of our programs and activities. It is intended to invite you to come to one of our schools to meet the teachers and students who make this learning community vibrant and exciting.


I'm confident that you'll learn a great deal about RCS, RCA and RGAP from this website, but even more, I would invite you to come visit us at our schools. I know you will enjoy meeting our faculty and students and that you will experience first-hand a community where truly, "Everyone Counts." We are looking forward to serving you - Welcome!


                                                                          For His Service 
                                                                                    Director of Schools


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