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Preschool Our Program Goals and Activities

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The schools are typically known for academics. Our ideal method of success is introduce one concept at a time to our preschool students. In addition to academics, social skills play an advantageous role in our preschool students development to make them the well-rounded scholar they are intended to be.  Supplementary, we also work on critical speech and motor skills. By the time our preschool students are ready for kindergarten, they speak in full sentences, be able to read, solve a Math problem, follow simple instructions, use a pair of scissors, be able to kick a ball or jump-rope, are completely toilet train, just to name a few expectations and realized accomplishments.

The primary focus in our 3 -4 year-old class is to encourage the children to become self-sufficient and develop the social skills necessary to enjoy a structured preschool setting. We teach our children to take turns and to share, and we encourage them to develop proper table manners and good personal hygiene by covering their cough, a please and thank you or simple saying excuse me please. Great emphasis is placed on hands-washing also.


We place particular emphasis on helping our children acquire language and speech skills, and we introduce the children to developmentally appropriate math and early literacy.

A typical day here at RGAP, teachers follow a set schedule integrating teacher-directed (Circle Time) and small group activities, as well as free play. Special teachers for music, movement and many different types of arts and crafts projects using a variety of media, including paint, markers, crayons, clay, and play dough, to name a few. The children have many opportunities and props for dramatic play, an important aspect of early childhood education. Weather permitting; we take the children outdoors to play in our enclosed private playground.

Our children love parties and celebrations, so we place particular emphasis on celebrating birthdays and holidays in the class.

Our focus objectives for our Preschool Curriculum for School Readiness are outlined below but not limited to such. Our curriculum creates a developmentally appropriate learning environment that empowers our preschool children to be confident, successful and lifelong learners. Our curriculum guide covers the programs set forth here but teachers are given the liberty to incorporate their own age appropriate lesson development for better learning and development. Our program guide is as such but not limited to:

Library Area

Even our three year olds read! Teachers conduct week D.E.A.R[Drop Everything And Read] activity hour with their students. This time is usually a regarding time as students get a chance to interact with their teachers.  Language skills are developed through the exploration of children’s literature. With educationally displayed theme-related books, children are encouraged to read pictures and associate them with the story, make predictions and express their ideas.Children also learn to lengthen their attention span. E

Dramatic Play Area

By playing in different roles, children express their feelings to their peers while playing together and experience new world. Also, children learn how to interact with others and conduct properly with peers. Throughout interactions with them and taking responsibilities in role playing, children can think in other people’s point of view and understand them better.

(Such as helping mommy when she cooks or sharing toys with friends and siblings.) Toys are educational and dramatic play is a supervised activity time with student and teacher.

Writing and Arts

Children demonstrate their emotions throughout different types of materials and techniques. They explore drawing, painting, gluing, stamping with using markers, pencils, paint brushes and foams in this area  Also, children develop fine motor skills by being engaged into manipulative tools as well as creativity as they express their ideas throughout art work.

Math & Manipulative Area

Children are encouraged with table top toys such as puzzles, peg board, board games, matching games, small blocks and magnetic building set. Children develop their cognitive ability throughout sorting, categorizing, patterning, weighing and measuring.Children learn the concepts of numbers and understand the relationship between numbers and quantity.

Computer Area...

Incorporating technology in a classroom of early learners can be challenging but we are all living in the technology age and so as early as preschool all the way to 8th Grade, all students participate in computer studies.   Our Smart-board students experience, computer - Mac and PC, Tablets and Playaways enable our students to work independently; they can access fun, educational and skill-building games while teachers can monitor their progress in real time. Introducing children to fundamental skills earlier will strengthen the foundation to build upon and position them to grasp more enhanced concepts once their brain development catches up to their experiences. Computer and Tech time is usually a happy time as our little ones explore technology to make them well aware and ready for the 21-Century learning!

Foreign Language...

The textbook approach allows our preschool students to both visually and practically learn a second language. Colors, letters and objects are the basic then teachers build on those foundations. By the time the students reach Kindergarten, they are fluent speakers of a second language.

Music Area...

Music theory is where it all start with both upper and lower division. Whether it is tapping to the four beat in a whole note or coloring the whole note symbol all students must learning the fundamental of music before moving to instruments. The first piece of instrument that students are introduced to is the Recorder. Students are given the visually and practically approach to music.


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