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Rosedale Gifted Academy-Preschool in collaboration with present RGAP Land of Summer Fun. was established in 1996 and each year hosts a super camp experience. This camp is a coed Christian camp for ages 2 - 16 years old.

Application Period And Duration - Open enrollment and the application process are opened January - June 10th each year for all summer programs. We do not accept applications after June 10 each year. There must be a demand for this program to be implemented. This is based on enrollment during the enrollment period mentioned.

Three Camps, One Great Camp Experience - There are three camps: Junior Camp, Intermediate Camp and Advance camp. All campers are welcome to join our camp.

Camp Duration - Camp runs for six weeks - July through to the second week of August each year. Enrollment begins January and completed June of each year. Applications are not accepted after June 10th each year.

Sponsor A Child For Camp - There are millions of less fortunate child out there would long for a good education or a good time at a good summer camp. We are imploring parents and other friends who are able and willing to assist and child to get a better education or attend summer camp each year. We have heard the pleas and we are placing the requests out there. Please... there are several children waiting to be sponsored. Please visit the Sponsor Page on this website to sponsor a needy child.

Camp enrollment fee is $100.00 which must be paid to start the process. This is non-refundable.

Advance Summer Learning - This program is for students who want to propel into the next grade. This is an advance teaching program when help students move ahead of their new class for the next school year. All students are welcome to join this program. There is a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee to start the process.

Summer Scholar, Summer School - The schools also conduct summer school which is opened to all school age students who are required to complete summer school to move to the next grade. Students are asked to bring in:

1. A copy of their last report card

2. Notebook and pencil or pen

Summer school runs for one month only.

For more information on all our summer programs, including summer camp etc. please visit us at for enrollment and more information.


Tel. 718 . 978 . 3996

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