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Subjects are never taught over the top but of course on the students level! So what makes our students super achievers? The strategic way in which we teach!  Stop in to hear our preschoolers read, and see how they write also … this will surprise you! It surprises us too!

The Story of Rosedale Gifted Academy - Preschool

For more than 20 years, the founder of Rosedale Gifted Academy - Preschool has been positively impacting the lives of children by developing and implementing ground-breaking care and early education programs.


In 1996 a woman with a vision and a single focus to impact young lives started this school in a home setting with one child. The school quickly expanded and within a year the RGAP home had to move to a new location to accommodate new admission. The director, knowing that children need more than just play decided to develop the program to teach. This was a wise decision! Today, RGAP is known for academics... we are not a daycare but a school.


Our students read, introduce to Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer, instructional music and other electives which are fundamentals for the formative years! It is surprise to hear and see how quickly our students develop into great readers and accelerate to take their places in the academic arena.


Most of the students who started out with the program and stayed until graduation graduated at age twelve and enter top-notch high schools at age thirteen!

Our Young Eagles Explorers participate in all core subjects and actually use textbooks for dayschool studies and development.


Our preschool students are exposed to full technology. Our classrooms, music rooms and computer rooms are fully technology equipped with top of the line equipment.

Preschoolers are introduced to instructional music staring at theory level and continued into instruments.


The program is a twelve months program and we accept students from every background. The program is also a diverse one.

Our teachers obtain their BA and Masters in early childhood education.

Classrooms are fully Air conditioned and and heated for the hot/cold months. They are brightly lit and comfortable.

Some of our daily activities are listed below but you  may also visit our Program page for an expanded version of what we do here at RGAP.

Included in our program are guides below


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