Methods of Payment

Cash Payments

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The schools do not accept cash as payments under no circumstances...

Debit & Credit Card Payments


Parents paying online may use debit or credit card...

Paypal Payments

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Parents paying online can use Paypal....

Where Do I Pay My Tuition Expenses?

Parents are responsible to visit the main office to pay all monetary expenses. Teachers or other members of staff are not allowed to extract payments from students bags or to accept payments from parents at the doors or else where. Parents who do not visit the office to make their payments will have that outstanding balance on the school expense record. Monies paid to staff members and out of the office are deemed not paid.

When Are Tuition Due

All tuition must be paid the first of the month.Tuition paid after the 3rd of the month will incur a late fee which must be paid with the outstanding expense.

Cash Payments Are Not Allowed

The school does not accept cash payments except for students who purchase snacks for the snack counter or dress-down day expense and Pizza Fridays. Otherwise, no other cash payments are accepted. Parents who paid by cash will have their balance shown as outstanding on the school expense records.

Methods of Payment

The school only accept MO, Cashier's Checks, Paypal or Debit /Credit cards as payment. Payments made by Paypal or debit/credit card must pay an additonal 3.75% of the total as service charge which is paid directly to the agents for using the services. The schools do not absorb service charge or in any way affiliated with the agents who charge service charge.  When the service agent deducted service fees from money paid to the school, then parents' record will reflect these balances as outstanding. All outstanding balance must be paid immediately or a late fee will be added after three days.


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