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It is a reflection of the school's philosophy that it does not use admission tests as a means to determine a prospective student's eligibility to attend the school. Instead, the school administrator meets with each prospective student and his or her parents in a face to face interview to assess whether the school would be a good match for the student.

New School Year Enrollment Duration  

New school year open enrollment periods are usually extended from January to August each year. Enrollment is opened to all students. 

Open-Houses - The schools usually conduct an Open House in April of each year. Walk-ins are welcome. Please visit this site for updates.

The First Thing, Schedule An Interview  -  Parents wishing to apply for admission are asked to schedule an interview. Walk-ins are not recommended as wait time can be longer than planned.

Summer Months Interviews - During the summer months, interviews are conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please call to schedule an interview on the days mentioned.

Wait Period After The Interview - Parents and students are required to leave their contact information with the Admissions Office. Parents will be contacted within seven days after the interview. Notification will take the form of a letter via USPS, email and a phone call, after which time, parents are required to visit the office to complete the second half of the enrollment process.


Child's record requirements  -  Previous school transcripts and records, standardized testing results, sample hand writing, two last report cards, birth certificate and copy of the student's most recent medical are required and are reviewed to determine the proper class placement, but they are never solely used to determine admission.  Parents are asked to submit only copies of the original documents. 

22 -  The school conducts a all year round admission if there is space available. Parents are required to call the school first to schedule an interview first. There is a waiting period of seven days or less after which time parents are contacted to go forward with the second half of the admission process.


enrollment fee  and first tuition paymentThe is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 and 'First-tuitions Payments' that is required at the second half of the enrollment process. Please note that these fees are non-refundable. The schools observe a non-refundable monetary policy.


Method of Payments - The schools do not accept cash for payment of any kind at this time. Enrollment fees and First-tuitions Payments must be made using MO, Cashiers Check or online payment. Payments made online will incur a 3.8% of the total amount. This is a facilitation-fee charged by the carrier for using their systems!

Shadow-day Prospective students are welcome to spend a half day with his or her class to observe for a half or full day so that they can gain a clearer understanding of the style of the school and interact with the teachers and peers.

For the half day shadow-day, uniforms are not required but for the start of the school week, all students must be in their full uniform attire.  If parents need an extended uniform-excused, this must be submitted to the school office in writing.

enrollment contact information  -  All interviews are conducted at the 247-11 Francis Lewis Blvd., Rosedale, NY 11422 location. Parents are ask to call 718.978.3996 for an interview or email us at rcs_a@icloud.com.

Parents are asked to bring along the prospective student for the interview.

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