For more than twenty years Rosedale Christian Schools has been educating, empowering and inspiring young lives for future success. Combining a rich history of academic rigor with a nurturing environment, our faculty work with students to pave the way for success in high school, college and beyond.

Academic programs are small by design and structured to meet the needs of every student. Our curriculum offers an honors program, advanced placement in high schools and propel our eighth Graders two years already into high school studies.

The schools follow the NYS Common Core and teach two level above this standard. Students in grades 1-8th are required to participate in standardized testing in the Spring of each school year.

Honor Program Criteria

Principal’s List                       Must Maintain a Average Markings of 95 - 100 in core subjects

Maintain a Four-Markings Honor record

No grade less than 95

No letter-grade less than A

Satisfactory Attendance


Outstanding Behavior and  must uphold school decorum

Must be an exemplary

Must uphold the standards of the school

Honor Roll                              Must Maintain a Average Markings of 90 - 95

No grade less than 95 in all core subjects

No letter-grade less than A

Satisfactory Attendance


Outstanding Behavior and  must uphold school decorum

Must observe the school standards

Academic Excellence           Must Maintain a Average Markings of 90 - 95

No grade less than 90 in all core subjects

Passing Grade of 90 in electives

No letter grade less than A or B+

Passing Grades in Music, Computer and Foreign Language

Outstanding Behavior and  must uphold School Decorum

Must participate in the activities

Academic Offerings


Subject content is aligned with the NY State Common Core Standards for ELA and two levels above. Students study multiple literary genres, both fiction and non-fiction, with emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Writing portfolios are used to strengthen vocabulary, grammar, usage and spelling. As students advance the course of study  to increase and covers more advanced material in the subject area. Students take the ELA Common Core standardized tests in the Spring each school year.


Visual Art reflects the Philosophy and Goals of the school. All students are encouraged to join our Art Club which meets weekly. Art classes are instructional and usually start at the basic and continue until the course ends in early Spring. Parents are require to purchase students' art kit prior to the start of the program.


Technology is an integral part of today's society and therefore an essential part of the educational program offered at RCS.  The courses offered by the department are designed to enable the students to develop proficiency in the Microsoft software including the fundamentals of technology and its usage. All students participate in this study, starting at the preschool level upward to Junior High School. Students are exposed to the usage of the MAC, PC, Laptop and Tablets.


In a society where there is not only one language, we ensure that our students are exposed to other languages of the world. Starting at the preschool and continuing through to the 8th grade, all students do foreign language.


Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at Rosedale Christian Schools. All students must participate in RE classes. The goal and intentions of the Religious Studies Department are to participate in the education of the whole person. This is accomplished through studying of the Bible intellectual pursuits of the Word of God, value formation gathered through daily study of the Word, prayer, and the development of a growing relationship with God and others. We find that our students, whether Christian or of another tradition, enjoy engaging with these questions in class and growing at their own pace in knowledge and love of God. Our goal is to form young men and women of character and virtue who understand the values of the Gospel and are equipped to live and flourish in this world and make the world a better place for others.



The schools strive to encourage students to develop a love of sport and exercise  and empower them to be fit for life. Our goal is to educate our students through exercises that challenge them physically and mentally. Our ambition is that all students will leave school with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Activities are designed to help students increase their confidence through physical activity so they will become adults who understand the benefit and value of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


he music program provides students with the opportunity to understand and appreciate historical music style periods, as it will enable them to gain a greater understanding of the development of music. All students are required to participate in music - preschool-8th Grade.


Mathematics classes challenge students of varying levels and abilities so that they are able to use and understand math in all areas of their lives. Our math classes range from the application of the basic math and algebraic skills needed for everyday life to the more abstract levels of math encountered in science and engineering careers. The Mathematics Cores study adheres to the curriculum set by the New York State Department of Education. 


The school believes that an understanding of the living environment and the physical universe is fundamental to our students’ education. Whether learning biology, earth science or health science, our students apply the scientific method and discover the workings of the natural world. Our teachers employ a hands-on approach where our students conduct experiments, collect data, analyze results, and describe their findings. These exercises provide life-long skills that ensure our students are prepared for college and career.


It is important that our students have a knowledge and understanding of the past and are able to understand how the past affects the present and the future. With this knowledge they can have an impact on both the present and the future as well. Through the teachings of social studies we hope to impart to our students a sense of obligation to contribute positively to their school, community and the world to bring out the true meaning of our motto "What Starts Here Changes The World". While developing a sense of the global world around them, we also want our students to have a sense of what their duties, responsibilities and rights are as American citizens, or as non-citizens residing in the United States.

History - Students in the 7th and 8th grades are required to do History. We approach the teaching of history through the cultivation of students’ historical thinking skills. Students engage in an in-depth understanding of history from diverse perspectives through the reading and interpreting of primary sources such as letters, speeches, laws, court cases, and artwork. Students actively engage in historical inquiry by exploring compelling historical questions. We encourage our students to connect the past historical events with the contemporary world and at present. Most importantly, students develop an awareness of enduring and evolving societal issues in order to understand what it means to be a global citizen. 


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